Real Art

Fearlessly Embracing Insanity

“The fearless are driven by impressive amounts of confidence and the certainty that absolutely anything is possible.” – Real Art Manifesto

Over the past several months, Real Arters have continued to Dream Big and Be Curious, putting it all on display for the world to see, literally. We recently unveiled our next window installation at our Dayton offices showcasing the third of the 12 Absolutes: Be Fearless.

At Real Art, we strive to be fearless and buck convention everyday because the only thing it’s good for is holding us back. As described in our Manifesto, Fearlessness is the act of “embracing insanity and boldly going there.” Refusing to shy away from insanity has led to many of our most innovative and exciting projects. We force ourselves to take ideas further and are willing to take (mostly) calculated risks to make something awesome. Being fearless is central to how we do what we do here at Real Art.

This new window display was inspired by last summer’s Mini Maker Faire Boneyard Build-Off. Seeing as dirty hands are happy hands, we decided to once again roll up our sleeves, risk unexpected medical copays, and sift through buckets of rusty, jagged metal scraps and piles of discarded junk.  Using only recovered junk and scraps, we dared to think outside the box and forge various letterforms to spell out “Fearless.” Using as many different materials as we could conjure up, we assembled, fabricated, and arranged the letters among a collection of finely curated junk to complete a haphazard looking stage.  

Paying our respects to the fearless participants of the Boneyard Build-Off challenge, we sprinkled various build-off artifacts such as wooden signs, champion’s cape, and other merchandise throughout the scene along with a few other unnerving easter eggs.

In true Real Art fashion, pulling this display together was a collaborative effort by several Real Arters including Tom Davis for crafting the Fearless badge and Eli Flannagan for fabricating each letter out of recovered scraps. Creative direction was supplied by Crystal Dennis and Betsy McFaddin. Additional technical support and assistance was provided by members of our Dev Lab team, Joe Althaus and Bryan Campbell.

In summary, repetition is mundane and convention is fucking boring. Through fearlessness, we take ideas further and push ourselves to learn a new skill, work together towards a common goal, and create the best projects we can. With every project, Real Arters step up to the plate, blow smoke in the face of adversity, and prove what can be accomplished by collectively taking risks and daring to be fearless.


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