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Calling All Digerati

Psst… Can you hear me? It’s me… the future. Ready to whisper “what’s next” in your ear…

The fourth window installment of our 12 Absolutes  is the Futurist.

Futurists are the technologically elite. The oracles obsessed with discovering new and better ways to build. These visionaries can change the world. They are highly idealistic with eyes wide open.

We took the eye idea highly conceptual. Four figures stand in line, looking for what’s next. The last figure is enlightened by a beam of future-vision-goodness. The suitcases are packed—ready to step aboard the future train to next-land.

Now, it’s time to look at the details. The eyes are painted beach balls, moving to watch passersby. The oversized badge is based off our Futurist patch and made of foam and papier-mâché. The beam of light holds our Futurist title and can be clearly legible when the viewer is just right. Interestingly, the beam is paper torn from an optometry book. And to create that white-void modern look, we created a makeshift cyc wall for our backdrop.

See how we are DreamersCurious, and Fearless with our other window installments.


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