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Having Some Damn Fun

We’re back in the swing of things with our series of Real Art window displays inspired by the 12 Absolutes. First was Dreamer, followed by CuriousFearless, and Futurist. Which now brings us to the fifth, and probably most joyous Absolute: Play.

As the manifesto goes, “Having fun is core to who we are and what we’re about. The player isn’t afraid to be outrageous.” Bearing this in mind, we set out to make the Play window as fun and over-the-top as possible, while incorporating our trademark affinity for found objects.

We plucked memories from the playgrounds of our youths, and set to work to emulate them in our own space. A ladder becomes monkey bars. Astroturf is now green grass. Who better to swing and climb on the Real Art playground than anthropomorphic characters adorned in brightly patterned jumpsuits? Our childhood playgrounds included sidewalk chalk. LOTS of sidewalk chalk. So our story continues outside the building. Passersby are drawn in by a hopscotch board and chalk swirls that continue up into childlike illustrations on the windows. They’re also invited to lie down and take a “sidewalk selfie” within a chalk sketch of a butterfly.

Of course this work of art came together through strong teamwork. Creative direction, painting, chalk art, and construction were executed by a cross-functional team. Even gluing together those animal heads was a multi-hour group effort. Don’t worry, no one ate any paste.

The end result is sure to make you smile, and perhaps walk away with an idea of what it’s like to be a Real Arter. From our manifesto, “That’s why we’re so committed to causing that moment of joy, sharing that sense of delight, and weaving artful storytelling. Forget about acting like an adult. Let loose and let your inner player have some damn fun.”

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