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’Tis the Season to Build Wonder

Twinkling lights, busy sketch books, frosty days, and late nights, it’s finally our favorite time of year, gift giving season! From our own Real Art holiday party to brainstorming something unique to make our friends and clients, the true Real Art spirit comes to life. Our makers love to build wonder and share it with all our favorite people.

Through the years we have delivered everything from hand-designed cards created individually for our clients, to the biggest claw machine ever brimming with Santa’s leftovers.

Holiday Notes – 2009
The Santa Claw – 2011

We handmade puppets for visitors to our New Year New You website, where clients turned themselves into puppets and we sewed and shipped them from our shop. Our elves have also created and built Grobots—recycled lifeforms on a mission—that were auctioned off to raise money for a few of our charitable interests.

Crystal Dennis in puppet form. New Year, New You – 2007 
Grobots – 2008

Here are a few more of our favorite holiday blasts from the past.

Ro-Bros – 2012
Be Moved – 2006
Clocks – 2003
Phot04 – 2004

It’s pretty impossible to top claws, puppets, and robots, but this year our makers really want to knock our clients’ socks off, argyle socks that is. A lucky crew will receive a shiny envelope in their mailbox filled with custom packaged argyle foot apparel. We hope our clients love their new socks, but we can’t wait to knock them off in 2019.

Argyle – 2018

So, cheers to the makers creating magic the whole year. And from our team to yours, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.

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