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Reds Hall of Fame

Celebrating 150 years
In honor of the franchise’s 150th anniversary, the Cincinnati Reds remodeled their Hall of Fame museum. As the only team in the MLB to have a museum attached to the stadium, we took this opportunity to bring history to life through interactive digital experiences. We created memorable digital exhibits that engage the senses and intrigue crowds of any age.

The physical collection of every Reds baseball card in history (over 7,000 baseball cards) makes up it’s own corner of the museum. The Digital Baseball Card Archive is installed beside the collection, allowing Reds fans to quickly browse, sort, and filter the entire collection, or search for a specific card.

Baseball Card Digital Archive

After viewing actual Reds baseball cards, visitors have the opportunity to make their own card. The exhibit allows users to take their photo, choose a card design, add AR props, and customize it with their name and position.

Make Your Own Card

The Fox Sports Ohio experience booth invites visitors to record themselves calling a game like a professional broadcaster. With large screens, teleprompters, microphones, and a replica Fox Sports desk, fans get to call the shots and receive a shareable video.

Fox Interactive Video Wall

The You Make the Call experience put fans in the press box. A small booth was created to allow fans to call historic Reds plays while being recorded. Afterwards, fans can email themselves the clips with their own narration.

You Make the Call

A huge touchscreen allows fans to browse through legendary Reds’ moments, selecting from a variety of commercials, TV spots, and radio calls.

Reds on the Air

The “Window to Legends” sets the stage for the plaque room, featuring ambient video of players in historic uniforms, giving the illusion that there is a room full of past players on the other side.

Window to Legends

Upon walking into the plaque room, you’re immersed in 360° videos highlighting each and every inductee of the Reds Hall of Fame. By selecting a player from one of three kiosks, visitors have the ability to browse bios and bring their video stories to life. Screens around the room showcase their achievements and shining moments.

360° Theater

These experiences encourage exploration through the past and present of Red’s baseball. A lot can change over 150 years, and through interactive storytelling we can include visitors in the journey.

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