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Case Study

A Show-Stopping Flip-Dot Wall

When ooVoo, a forward-thinking video chat platform, asked us to design a mind-blowing booth for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, we knew we had to create something out of this world. Real Art concepted, designed, built, and programmed every aspect of their creative presentation, including an emotion-reading interactive flip-dot wall, making ooVoo’s booth a must-see destination at CES 2015.

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Case Study

Interactive Demos


When ooVoo tapped Real Art to help them launch their Intelligent Video platform at CES 2015, we knew attendees would want to try it for themselves. Intelligent Video extracts the information contained in live video to read and respond to users in real time. In order to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of this next-generation technology, we featured four engaging demos, each using Intelligent Video in a unique way.

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Dispatches from SXSW: Tuesday

Hey folks, I’m stopping for a few minutes between speakers to share a few thoughts on South by Southwest:

Social media is huge here. I’ve missed a couple good talks because the room was so full it was a fire hazard. Especially popular: the metrics, analytics and ROI. Everybody wants answers. Trouble is, although we’re getting close, nobody knows the answers. Social media is still experimental and risky and hard to truly measure. But it also rewards risk and we all have to be brave and keep pushing to find our own answers to show how valuable each campaign becomes.

Geolocation isn’t the “next big thing” – It’s already here and it’s huge. New companies are launching here at SXSW and the major players are adding awesome tie-ins: Foursquare and American Express are connected now for a new loyalty program.

It’s inspiring to walk around sxsw with 20,000 other highly informed, creative technophiles. Everyone is eager to meet and share ideas. And their ideas have been blowing my mind. The speakers themselves can’t compete; and the best ones don’t try – they encourage audience participation at all levels.

I’m off to the BizSpark Accelerator to hear entrepreneurs pitch their new startup ideas.

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