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The War of Currents — Tesla vs. Edison: Building the Game That Hertz

At Real Art, many of the most innovative projects are born from the simple question of “what if?” In the case of “The War of Currents: Tesla vs. Edison,” the debate was born from a love of retro gaming and how we could put a shocking twist on the classic arcade cabinet. The answer was building a game that hertz, a Street Fighter styled beat-em-up centered around the War of Currents, the pioneering battle at the dawn of electricity between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Lose the in-game fight and you’ll be shocked with a zap of electric current as it rumbles through the custom joysticks.

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Catch a Whiff


Smells of spring are filling the air at Real Art. Some are sweet: fresh cut grass, flowers in bloom. Others, not so much.

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Lights Out at UD Arena

The University of Dayton Arena is known nationwide as being one of the best venues for College Hoops. UD just celebrated its 14th straight season as one of the top 30 highest-attended arenas in the NCAA. To take the reputation of Flyer Basketball to the next level, the UD Athletic Department partnered with Real Art to re-imagine the Men’s and Women’s pre-game experience for the 2012-2013 season.

Imagine taking your seat at the season opener. Just when you’re ready for your team to take the court, the arena lights go out…

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Downtown Dayton’s Renovated Space Odyssey

Below is an excerpt from Dayton Creative Syndicate’s Creative Crux article “Downtown Dayton’s Renovated Space Odyssey” by Marisa Becker.

This article takes a look at the creative workplaces of Real Art Design Group and three other local creative companies. It discusses how these companies have re-purposed existing structures to create new and exciting offices in Downtown Dayton.

It’s a cycle that has repeated itself in many urban areas across the country: the downtown core starts suffering, real estate prices go down, creative professionals take advantage of deals on great old spaces and fix them up, and the newly vibrant neighborhoods and valuable properties in turn attract businesses and residents back to downtown.

Four creative businesses in Dayton have taken the first steps to start revitalizing Dayton, beginning from the ground up by adapting existing downtown spaces to fit their needs. And while they’ve all taken different approaches, they seem to agree on one thing: in this market, it’s foolish not to invest in downtown Dayton.

Please visit: to read the rest of this super article and see all of the wonderful pictures of these amazing creative spaces.

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