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Game Graphics for the UD Flyers

Real Art is home to a number of basketball superfans and UD alumni, so we were stoked to create the University of Dayton’s in-game video graphics for the third year in a row. Combining high-quality stills with 3D animated motion graphics and special effects, we whipped up a set of energetic assets to accompany the Flyers on the court.

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Motion Graphics

Making The ‘FlyRig’

On the evening of Saturday November 2nd, the lights went out in the University of Dayton Arena. For a moment, thousands of basketball fans were plunged into darkness. Then the monitors above them blazed to life with a pre-game hype video like none other.

To create this unique footage, Real Art designed a mammoth, 16-foot-long steel camera arm spinning a full 360° rotation. And we bolted it directly to the structure of our development lab. Only a team made of ambitious cinematographers and ingenious industrial designers could engineer a set-up this insane.

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