krush humans plus machines

Krush Operates at the intersection of digital and physical, creating a more perfect union between humans and machine.

By mashing up traditional and emerging technologies with culture in new and astounding ways, Krush builds irresistible products that engage and connect. Then they unleash those on an unsuspecting world for people everywhere to fall in love with.


How do you introduce the next evolution of an innovative company at the most important tech event in the world? Create a booth so experience and memorable it will shake visitors up. literally.

a booth that MESMERIZED

Press poured into the CES booth, fully concepted and designed by Real Art for Krush, which was huge, spanning 50’ x 60’. The entire ceiling flashed custom video content highlighting Krush products, drawing in passersby with bursts of color and graphics that danced to captivating music.

a booth that

The first free rotation VR simulator built to enhance the Oculus experience. Crowds stood by to watch visitors step up and strap into the pod as they spun and zipped through a virtual outer space game. The chair rotated on 3 independent axis while players controlled the motion, navigating through a fantastic physical/virtual collision.

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hard hitting EXCITEMENT

Visitors stopped by to try the high-striker and check out the Flip Clocks, custom-crafted items combining the retro appeal of electro-magnetic flip dots with modern, smart home technology—an awesome embodiment of the brand’s irresistible mashups.

krush instagram video

results BEST OF CES

We executed Krush’s identity across the company’s product portfolio, brand manifesto, website, business cards, video content, and many additional assets, culminating in our booth design for SXSW and CES. Krush received major media attention, featured in Exhibitor Magazine’s “Best of CES” and gaining coverage by WIRED, Business Insider, Engadget, and Trend Hunter. Highlighted in CNET’s tour of CES, the experience raked in shout-outs across social media from publications like Dwell, Design Milk, and the Discovery Channel.

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