In a bold 360-degree ad campaign, we had sports memorabilia declare die-hard messages.

SportsNet New York wanted to reach a wider audience. We pitted them against the competition by declaring them the network for hard core fans—those who live and breathe the game. This cross-media campaign used hilarious inner monologues of sports memorabilia to rally fanatics to tune into SNY. From television ads, to a subway takeover, to an online challenge, these characters proclaimed other networks to be inferior coverage.

commercials with EDGE

Disgruntled sports memorabilia ‘spoke out’ through their inner monologues in these TV commercials. While their owners watched inferior sports coverage on other networks, they have melodramatic thoughts of ending it all. For example, a bobble head wants to jump off a ledge, a toothbrush contemplates drowning, and a Knicks-themed cake begs to be put out of its misery. Their pleas can only be answered by changing the channel to SNY.

invading enemy TERRITORY

In a bold move, we took over an entire subway station near Yankee Stadium for two months. SNY was already comfortably seeded as the TV home of the Mets, so we brought the campaign into a new territory. Souvenirs in suicidal poses caught the attention of fans and delivered strong messages: watch SNY or these guys will take extreme measures.

interactive CHALLENGE

We created a fan challenge on the SNY Facebook page. Players were invited to record new commentary over our TV ads. Voters decided which voiceovers had the best cracks, and winners were immortalized in real commercials. It was a never-done-before challenge that let sports fan duke it out virtually, using creativity as clout.