an action-packed site For Sony Action Cam

We created an engaging microsite to showcase Sony’s Action Cam, a best-in-class portable video camera aimed at athletes and thrill-seekers.

The site was not only visually striking, but well-coded and well-designed, featuring high-quality images and breathtaking video.

Octagon oversaw the Action Cam launch and approached us to create the digital experience. The deliverable was a microsite that had to have real-estate for large-format video, integrate social media feeds, and convert traffic to Action Cam product pages on Sony’s online store. These requirements evolved to include an events calendar and riders pages featuring sponsored athletes—BMX bikers, skiers, surfers, and others who took full advantage the camera’s capabilities to display feats of sport and human achievement.

Truly responsive.

Rather than create multiple builds for multiple devices, our skilled front-end development team built one site optimized for any device. Subtle interactive embellishments along with touch and swipe support produced an engaging experience that was intuitive and satisfying to use.

Curated media

We leveraged several social media APIs to pull in YouTube, Twitter and Instagram content based on hashtag and keyword queries. A password-protected admin area allowed a community manager to approve and curate the content that appeared throughout the site.

Athlete showcase

Tony Hawk and Torah Bright were among Sony's many athlete Brand Ambassadors to take prominent spots on the site. They used Action Cams to capture their own athletic escapades, giving users a taste of the coolest extreme sports—from BMX and mountain biking to shredding powder on skis and snowboards.

Onsite and online

In addition to the microsite, we collaborated with Octagon to create a suite of branded, custom “Residency Apps” for use at Action Cam launch events. The cameras were given out to skiers before they hit the slopes and to cyclists before they shredded the trails at locations across the country. A tablet app allowed Sony’s brand ambassadors to both register users and tag their footage using Action Cams loaded with user data-encryted SD cards. Another app batch-processed and uploaded gigs-worth of video, and triggered emails to the content owners. The email contained a personalized link to a custom web application that allowed them to view and edit their footage for download or for upload and sharing on YouTube.

Additional Work