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Obliterate harmful self-doubt and internal terror.

Get going. Commence. Begin. Should be easy, right?

But sometimes, just on the brink of taking the plunge, we get stuck. We hold back. We give doubt enough time to worm its way into our thoughts. And as the fear heats up, uncertainty clouds out action. We over-think and over-plan just to quench that insidious aversion to failure.

But there’s a grand solution that kicks anxiety to the curb. It’s simple, though it isn’t always easy: trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Because with ability, self-belief, and incredible determination, failure is impossible. You simply won’t let it happen. Why not? Because anything you put your mind to, you will make right.

Fear can be a powerful pointer.  If something scares you, it’s probably important. Something you should pay attention to. Instead of letting the feeling paralyze you, turn it back on itself and use it to your advantage.

That initial sense of fear can be a compass leading you to projects and experiences that will take you farther and higher. Have faith that you’ll be able to handle whatever comes along.

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