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Don Music Disease

The most creatively deadly condition afflicting artists everywhere.

Creativum Timorosis, popularly known as “Don Music Disease” is a progressive degenerative syndrome decimating creativity and feelings of artistic self worth. Any creative ambition can make individuals vulnerable to the disease, and tragically, full-blown cases result in the total loss of imaginative faculties.

The most famous, defining case of Creativum Timorosis was that of Muppet performer Don Music, a composer and singer who first appeared on Sesame Street in 1974. By this time, Music was already showing symptoms: “Oh I’ll never finish this song! Never. Never! NEVER!” he exclaims before violently slamming his face into the piano and weeping with abject despair. We see his symptoms expressed again and again.

By this point in his career, Don Music was already a world-famous song writer. And yet, he failed to believe in his own artistic abilities and fell into a deep depression at the first sign of creative difficulty. Archival footage shows that in spite of Kermit the Frog’s frequent assistance and Music’s past track record of successes, the composer continued in his downward spiral. So is the fate of many others: Vincent van Gogh, Virginia Woolf, and Marilyn Monroe are among those now thought to have been afflicted with the condition.

However, scientists have discovered that some sufferers of Creativum Timorosis build up a natural immunity to creative terror. And they do this without medication, costly treatments, or the help of Kermit the Frog. How do these successful artists overcome the crippling fear that they’ll never make the brilliant art they aspire to produce? It’s simple: they work through it.

The fear never goes away. But your response to it makes all the difference. You can let challenge shut you down, or you can move forward. You can give in and do nothing, or you can learn from every moment until you reach success. In order to do the remarkable, imaginative things you know you’re capable of, you have to get past the pernicious little voice that says you can’t.

Don’t succumb to Don Music Disease. Instead, focus on building wonder and making real art.

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