On Social Media

Sharing value and generating authentic brands in the online wild west

Periodically, we like to share insights from the heart of Real Art. Straight from the source, these “wiretaps” feature experts in the Real Art tribe, offering an inside look at the personalities and passions flowing through our home and pervading our work. In this piece, Real Art’s “fearless leader” and Executive Creative Director Chris Wire discusses the role of social media.

Social media is not the message.

The social media is just a channel to carry the message and to host the conversations. It’s not really the program itself. We know that social media isn’t really interesting without content, without things that people are jazzed about. It doesn’t make much of a difference in the world if you just use social as a channel to stuff out deals or merely paper people with features and benefits. You have to boil everything down to the idea, the message, and set up a social program that rewards people and encourages them to share that idea.

It’s important to do more than one thing.

Well, why are we not a social media company, number one? I don’t really buy into the idea of a single specialty being the single answer. If I was a CMO, I wouldn’t take any project to a company that just does one thing. When you only do one thing, then that’s always the solution. You have to have enough tools at your disposal and know-how to find the right way to get a message out there. Sometimes it’s social. Sometimes it might be broadcast. It might be print. It might be direct mail. It might be digital or online. All of these working together add up to be more than just the sum of their parts. That’s why you wouldn’t want a social-media-only group.

Social media connects people to brands.

Some brands are just beginning to realize that the world is changing. Brands are able to speak directly to their audiences now, that is, if they can capture and hold the attention of their audience. We create custom experiences and allow them to surface through social media. This is how we generate authentic conversations around brands. It’s by creating real things that people care about. That makes them want to share.

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